Apply These 9 Secret Techniques To Improve Blue Protocol Discord

This month Bandai Namco announced development of a brand new online action RPG called Blue Protocol that very much looks like an MMORPG. Internal documents also refer to it as Project Sky Blue. As of now, this is a Japan only release with no Blue Protocol Discord word on localization plans.

Blue Protocol being made with Unreal Engine 4 for PC as a brand new IP that features gorgeously detailed cel-shaded anime graphics. It honestly looks like an anime has come to life and is fully playable, similar to Bandai Namco’s popular Tales RPG games, the Ni No Kuni series, or even the Sword Art Online anime itself.

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The trailer gives us a brief glimpse at the what the game looks like in action. You can see massive fields ripe for exploration, elaborate cities full of bustling characters, vendors selling items, and an apparently robust movement system allowing players to leap off of tall buildings. Gameplay is equally frantic featuring what appears to be a full-on action combat system similar to the Tales series. There are lots of large monsters, so the flow could be more akin to an MMO-ified version of God Eater or Monster Hunter that a massive, persistent world. Frankly we just don’t have a ton of details yet.

On the official Blue Protocol Twitter page you can see a preview of the character creation system which already looks impressive. It’s hard to tell exactly what the options are since I can’t read Japanese, but it looks pretty detailed with lots of anime flair.